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Nox (1982-1994)

Industrial music and however sexual, incantation preceding the fall of bodies in the dust, tribal chants resounding in a desert urban zone, Nox is a major band from the first generation of industrial french acts.

The project was initiated by Gerome Nox in the early 80's and was officilaly created in 1982 when they first perform live.
Their music combined tribal rhythms, hypnotic abrasive guitars and primitive male/female vocals.
At that time they played live with famous great acts like : Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Dept., Sprung Aus Den Wolken or Esplendor Geometrico.
The band ceased to exist in 1994 after a intense and very innovative discography.

Front cover of "Crowd"

. Acte 1 (1983 - Tape - AKT Production)
. Sessions 84/86 (1987 - LP - Dossier Records)
. Crowd (1988 - LP - Permis de construire)
. Acte 1 : Back To The Roots ! (1989 - LP - Permis de construire)
. Live At The Manufacture (1989 - CD - Permis de construire)
. Rut (1989 - 10" - Odd Size)
. Killin’ Drive Power (1990 - CD - Permis de construire)

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After that, all the last 4 members take different roads :
. Gerome Nox acts as producer in the late 80's and start of 90's, and then he decides to move towards the world of theater and contemporary dance, and also create his own musical project, G-Nox.
          Myspace of Gerome Nox
. Cecile Babiole with Electronicat and her video projects.
          Site of Cécile Babiole
. Laurent Perrier as a label manager until the end of the nineties (Odd Size), then with his musical projects (Zonk't, Cape Fear) and his new label (Sound On Probation).
          Site of Sound On Probation
. Laurent Pernice with is his solo works.
          Site of Laurent Pernice

I have wrote a more complete biography in French for the book Carnets Noirs (Acte 2 – 2006) and it was also in the webzine Obsküre. (archive here)

Excerpts of the video-clip "Crowd"

Nox Goodies :
Interviews, articles & reviews in French :
. Article (Hello Happy Taxpayers #6 - 1987)
Right-click here to dowload the 1 page pdf (personal archive)
. Interview (Hello Happy Taxpayers - 1988)
Right-click here to download the 3 pages pdf I have made with the scans realized by Nostalgie De La Boue
. Interview (unknow - 1990)
Right-click here to dowload the 2 pages pdf (personal archive)
. Interview (Dissonance #3 - 1991)
Right-click here to dowload the 5 pages pdf (personal archive)
. Reviews of "Killin Drive Power" (Hello Happy Taxpayers #9 & Dissonance #2 - 1991)
Right-click here to dowload the 1 page pdf (personal archive)
. Interview of Laurent Perrier/Odd Size (Dissonance #2 - 1991)
Right-click here to dowload the 2 pages pdf (personal archive)
. Article on the Industrial Rock were there's a short biography on Nox (Best - 1992)
. Gerome Nox (laptop) et Cécile Babiole (vocals and effects) perform together in Paris in 2010. The french radio broadcasting Douche Froide did for this occasion and interview with both of them. They talk about their past and the history of the band ; find it on their blog.

Live collage - 1991 (source unknown)
Videos :
. The weird french filmmaker Gérard Courant make a short and silent shooting of Gérome Nox in 1984. This performance shows Gérome in front of the Nox logo applying various paintings on his face to obtain an amazing tribal mask. Find it on his blog.
. Video-clip of the track « Crowd » (1988)

Live collage made with the images in Dissonances n°3 - 1991

Credits : All pictures © Nox