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Noise Receptor journal - Issue 3 (2015)

« sound with impact - analysing the abstract »

Noise Receptor is an Australian publication dedicated to the diverse sub-genres of industrial music, and is a necessary item to have for everyone interested in this underground scene. It is a specialist micro print endeavour which constitutes the physical manifestation of the website, but contains new interviews and art content to differentiate it from the already published web-based reviews.

This issue offers in-depth interviews with the projects Puce Mary, Wertham, Alfarmania/ Survival UnitAischrolatreia, the label Fieldwork, a Genocide Organ profile and a hundred of detailed reviews (ambient, industrial, experimental, power electronics, etc.). It also includes 13 pages of exclusive artwork by Kristian Olsson, and his DIY industrial culture ‘cut and paste’ aesthetic gives an appropriate touch to the visual aspect of this issue.

The editor, Richard Stevenson, gives us a clear statement regarding his involvement in this journal, and specifically the interviews herein: “One critical element remains unchanged: being the goal to ensure all interviews are long form and in-depth and going well beyond cursory surface level questions to cover in detail the themes and concepts explored by featured artists”. Indeed, the concern of the interviewer makes that all these interviews highlight the spirit within and the intent behind the creative works of each musician.

The last thing that will make you convinced to purchase this issue, is the conclusion of the Richard Stevenson’s editorial: 
“However, sometimes I do wonder if a large section of the newer ‘internet’ generation has simply missed gaining an appreciation of print media and underground ‘zine culture’. This observation is based on fact that the noise receptor journal facebook page has roughly double the number of ‘likes’ compared to the number of physical magazine which have been sold per issue to date. Noting than none of the featured interview content is available online, it seems that many are missing the best parts of this publication. Their loss really. Regardless, this magazine remains dedicated to all who value the permanence of print media and underground ‘zine culture’.”

A5 Format. 114 pages in length. Professional print ‘perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover. Colour cover and greyscale throughout. 
International distribution: USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, France.
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